vans burn

Fun hogs with a major fire.

That’s stressful.

It’s stressful to have your ride burst into flame.

VW Buses are notorious for being able to burn very well.

In fact, it seems like I remember hearing that the block would actually burn….that it was made out of magnesium or something.

That can’t be right, though.

Loose fittings on the gas line….an oil cooler leaking on the manifold….so many things could make it light up like a torch in a can.

Something that I’ve never seen before, though, is that (after the initial heavy breathing and freakout that accompanies a major vehicle fire) the guy gets back in the car, says, “It’s alright!! I think it’s alright!!” and drives it on down the road.

Man, you have to know very little about cars to have that kind of blind optimism.

The more I learn about cars, the more I worry about stuff.

Anyway, this guy gets in the vehicle with the charred engine and motors up the hill like it was just a weird and random event.

I haven’t watched any of the later videos to see if the van exploded.

I’ve owned 3 buses….a 1972 with the pancake engine…a 1968….and a split window ’67.

Man….they were crappy cars.

I wish I still had all of them, though.

They were crappy….but cool.

Our Caravan is a lot nicer….but not cool.

Nothing bursts into flame, too.

Let’s keep it that way.


PS ….Later…..just found this….magnesium (!!)….I knew it…

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