the pipe from the potty shouldn’t have a hole….in the side of the flange, at least

This is what I did this morning….except my repair wasn’t as easy.

It looks like he just stuck it down into the hole.



I cut out subfloor in the bathroom….I chiseled out old flange…..I cleaned the inside of the old cast iron pipe where the new plastic flange would go…..I put a new subfloor in….

Man….I did it all !!!

And now, the potty doesn’t leak and the floor is solid….and….I’m pretty darned proud of myself.

It’s a good thing to not have potty water dripping down into the kitchen anymore.

(A disclaimer: the potty water thing was a very short-lived phenomenon. We’re laid back about some things, but potty water in the kitchen is not one of them.)

This Oatey product (#43539) is a very cool product….and, once you get the old cast iron stuff cleaned up and out-of-the-way, is really pretty easy to use.

Easy, after you rebuild the subfloor and figure out a way to even up the level with the surrounding three layers of linoleum.

I’m thankful for people who invent things to solve my problems.

Thanks, Oatey…..that was pretty cool that you did that for me.

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