your very own homemade island

Ahhhhhhh. This is amazing.

Here’s a Vancouver Island couple who built their own home… on a homemade island.

That is pretty darn cool.

And, as the artist and owner/builder, Wayne Adams, says in this video, it was all built with a hammer and a handsaw….no power tools.

This is inspiring….but it doesn’t surprise me that an artist couple accomplished something like this.

You have to be a person with some vision….and you have to be a person who is willing to work hard….to make a life for yourself on a floating island that you created.

The island is tethered to the shore by cables….a floating home anchored in place but free of our preconceptions of what a home can be.

Check out Wayne working on a piece of sculpture.

You have to be willing to work hard physically to do that kind of artistic work.

A sculptor, like a blacksmith, is a hard worker.

You know, though, if you have the money to hire somebody who builds things for a living, a lot of the time the need to make money at something like carpentry doesn’t always bring the most creativity to a jobsite.

When it’s only your job, a lot of the time it’s not a labor of love.

It’s rare to find a laborer who shares your vision.

You need to do the job yourself to really build the things in your head.

When you don’t have much money, sometimes that’s your only option, too.

If you really want to figure out how to realize your vision, you better figure out how to do the job yourself .

Vancouver Island offgrid…that’s a pretty amazing way to go….an interesting choice.

Some of your choices are made for you when you don’t have access to power and you have to boat into your homesite.

There are so many interesting ways to live.

You could build your own island a structure at a time!

A Vancouver Island offgrid home….and the island it floats on….wasn’t “built in a day”, after all!

It takes gumption to dream this big.

But, why not dream big if you’re going to dream at all?











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