Christmas is an Easy Target


It’s not hard to write a Christmas post.

You can reminisce a little, you can talk about the present, you can project on into the future if you get really adventurous.

You can sit here, in the early morning, alone at the keyboard while everyone else is still asleep at 7:20 (which is probably the biggest Christmas miracle of all….that these little guys are still asleep) and have your very own “Christmas Carol”.

Dickens knew what he was doing.

It’s good to get a handle on some of the real meanings of Christmas….you just don’t need a trio of ghosts to help you do it.

It’s a no-brainer, anyway.

Christmas is about Christ.

That’s not hard to figure out.

That’s an old story.

We should know it by heart.

“By heart”…..

We’ll open our presents….eat our meal….and relax together as a family….but what it really comes down to is this is the day that Christ was born.

The kids sang “happy birthday” this morning before we ate our breakfast.

Why don’t we always sing happy birthday to Jesus on this day?

That might be a good tradition to start?

(It’s 5:30 and I’m trying to finish this post…..but it’s coming slow in fits and starts. A Christmas post is an easy target. If you ever have something that’s worth writing about, it’s a day like today….but it’s hard to describe a miracle. I hope that you had a good day….that it was full of the best of Christmas….that you remembered what the day was all about….)

That’s it.

I’m pooped and I’m running out of words.



Merry Christmas!

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