unconventional is hard….

Here’s another great Kirsten Dirksen video about a couple who built a container home in the San Diego hills.

It’s kind of cool….and kind of hard.

Sometimes things that are hard can be good.

I like that they aren’t going to paint these containers….that they like the fact that the damage and scrapes are integral to the aesthetic of the home.

This house is about 720 square feet….but, because of how it’s sited and the height of the ceilings, it feels like a bigger place.

These guys are pretty creative….

I don’t know what I think about container homes….other than wondering if all the work you have to do to adapt them is worth the effort.

I’d be happy if I could do it as well as these guys seemed to do it.

There sure are a lot of containers out in the world.

We have a lot of stuff that needs moving around, don’t we?

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