Sailing? Cheap? I’m in….it’s cold here!

Taking money out of the instant teller in Madagascar…..the equivalent of 100 dollars American….2 months salary for the locals.

Man, we’re privileged here….even if we go to a different country, we’re privileged.

Speaking of “here”….”here” is 20° this morning.

That’s pretty chilly.

I took our Pyrenees dog, Appa, for a “pee break” when I got up early, but came back when we discovered a new dead racoon on the road.

He was too curious.

Here’s another sailing video…the choice inspired by our cold weather.

Any video that starts out with rebuilding a water pump with locally sourced bearings is alright with me.

And….they go to see the lemurs!!

Who would have thought that you could see LEMURS in MADAGASCAR????!!!

If all these SV Delos videos are this good, I’ll have to check out more of them.

Here’s their website…..

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