Anton in the Mountains


I get it.

Colorado is beautiful.

Really Beautiful.

With a capital “B”.

(I’m just screwing around. Have you ever known anyone who just completely missed the point? Who only saw the trees and missed the forest? Sure….this is Colorado….but the video is about Anton Krupicka, an endurance athlete. That’s what it’s all about….)

So….here’s a world-class endurance runner talking about the things he does when he realizes that, after breaking his leg, he has a lot of activities that fulfill his need to experience the outdoor world.

It’s not completely about running.

That’s a good, healthy attitude.

And….I appreciated the sentiment about the activity being a way to get out in nature.

I don’t want to run on a treadmill while I watch the Food Channel.

I started running again at the beginning of the week.

This morning, it was a full moon and 50 something degrees….and, even if it was only a mile and a half, it felt good to be out again.

Even a little bit feels good.

This video is from La Sportiva….great stuff. ┬áCheck out their other videos on YouTube.


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