the moment….

We now have a very shaky, handheld video of the sun hiding behind the moon.

I took it yesterday….when totality came.

It, for all its weird shakiness and….weird shakiness….is kind of cool to have. It’s nice to have some kind of “record”, I guess.

I wish I’d just looked at the sky, though.

To be in a group of people….to be with my family….and get to experience a moment when everyone was amazed by a natural event was pretty darn special.

Someone in the crowd we were enjoying took this video….it’s easier to watch than mine.

Traveller’s Rest, SC was a mellow place to see this cool sight….(we didn’t end up trying to get out to Dupont State Forest)…and the crowd was a lot of fun.

Speaking of crowds….we had two different people offer us eclipse glasses.

Isn’t it funny how the “best of human nature” is contagious?

I’m glad we all got a chance to see something amazing.


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