Are the Mongolian people more “Real”?

Can you plop yourself…drive yourself….deep into another culture like some sort of under-funded and overly curious astronaut….and see what you came to try to understand…and then leave without disturbing things too much?

It’s an old story.

Maybe whether or not you mess up a culture is irrelevant.

Nobody’s an island, these days, anyway.

The  (consumeristic) world can find you anyplace you live.

Get a satellite dish! You can find out about the things you “need” wherever you are.

1,000 km from a Walmart, you can still find out about what you didn’t know you needed and not have a way to get it.

(What the heck? Sitting drinking coffee, watching a video about some hipsters going to see the Mongolian people, writing….writing…writing…about stuff I don’t really understand….maybe.)

This is a pretty good video….and I do like the Mongolian people.

All this stuff that I surround myself with…and I respond to these Mongolian people and the “simple life” in a good and strong way.

That’s not my life, though.

I’m the monkey with his hand stuck in the jar….not letting go of the thing I’ve grabbed….trapped.

Maybe I need to break the jar?

Maybe I need to get rid of a lot of stuff?

Even figuring out the stuff you don’t need….is a need.

What an adventure these guys had!

Go, Mongolia!

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