Worth It….7 dollar buffet vs. 95 dollar buffet… (over 12 million people have watched this….so far)

Here’s a couple of dudes who go to three different buffets at three different price points in Las Vegas, NV.

That’s what they do.

They eat…they film it…they talk about it….and…then….they decide what’s the best value….at a lot of different restaurants all over the place.

And….a lot of people watch them do it on YouTube.

Over 12 million people (so far) for this video alone.

I would freak out if I spent 95.00 on a buffet….but, wait until you see this 95 dollar buffet.

It’s outrageous.


Of course, the 8 dollar buffet is pretty good looking, too, so that’s probably the one that Cheap Daddy would steer his family towards.

But….it would be hilarious to pull up in our Beverly Hillbilly automobile….hop out, slam into the genteel world of the high roller, and go visit the 95.00 dollar buffet to eat lobster tails, drink champagne, and gorge on choclate covered strawberries.

That would be fun to do with my family.

These guys are consistently entertaining….and it makes me hungry to watch their show.

Even at 5 in the morning, drinking coffee while the house is quiet…typing…it makes me hungry to watch these dudes eat this good stuff.

Thanks for the show, Dudes!

You make good food look good!

Here’s a link to their YouTube channel…. BuzzFeed Video  ….the show is called “Worth It” .

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