Jay Nelson build a Treehouse….episode of San Francisco show “Working Title”

From the YouTube description:

Bay Area artist Jay Nelson has always been into building tree houses, and now he does it for a living. Starting a few years back with a couple of installations in local art galleries, Jay, who has no formal carpentry training, taught himself how to build the imaginary structures that were floating around in his head. We talked to Jay about how he has been able to turn his passion into a business, learning more about his philosophy of life and his definition of success.

This is the pilot episode of “Working Title,” a collaboration between KQED and Little Paper Planes, hosted by Kelly Lynn Jones of LPP and Andrew Martin Scott, co-owner of Needles and Pens. Through this program, which will include videos, interviews, articles and essays, we will explore how local artist entrepreneurs are re-inventing the American Dream, creating alternative economies and redefining success in the Bay Area. Stay tuned.

Good stuff about a good dude.

This was done a couple of years ago….and, already, he pondered how people pursuing an artistic (ie possibly lower income) pursuit could afford San Francisco’s escalating rents.

That’s a real conundrum.

How do you afford to live in a place….that was made cool by the kind of people who (ultimately) can’t afford to live in a place?

Artists are the ones that the investment bankers want to live in the same city with.

You can buy access to proximity if you lack the talent for admission.

If you aren’t artistically cool, you can at least be a lifetime tourist of cool.

You might not know how to build the vehicle, but maybe you can afford a ticket if you have enough money.

Creativity isn’t always something that brings in the big bucks….but, until it’s gone, it sure is nice to be surrounded by.

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