the tools to make a hammer….

You can turn the sound down on this one, I guess.

I don’t think that I can understand this language.

Darn “Tower of Babel”.

This video is good though.

It all starts with making a hammer.

You need something in the woods to whack stuff with.

Check out the teakettle on the burning log about 12:00 minutes in!

What’s that about?

Skills, man….skills.

Of course, if I was with a group of my treehuggin’ backpacking buddies and we came upon a Russian bushcrafter who was cutting down trees and building a camp like this, we’d say, “WTF?!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? CAN YOU EVEN UNDERSTAND US?!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING….CUTTING DOWN ALL THESE TREES?!!”

It would be a freak out for us….for sure.

But…..this is cool…..making all this stuff out in the woods.

Sorry, treehuggin’ buddies.

I think it’s cool.

And…don’t turn the sound down.

The music is nice….and…it’s kind of comforting not to have to understand what this dude is saying.

We don’t have to understand everything to appreciate it.

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