Alone in the Past….

Another great video from the “Northmen” YouTube channel.

This time, it’s a young guy who lives for a time without modern conveniences….like the video says: 240 days in 10th Century conditions.

It’s subtitled….and…there’s a goat killing segment…so…if you’re squeamish about “goat killing segments”….well….there’s one of those….but…like all of the Northmen videos…it’s a good one.

A video like this is almost motivational.

We have it pretty easy these days….with all of our modern conveniences.

A “simple life” would be pretty hard.

Even choosing to live a “simple life” comes with the promise that we could always jump out of it if we needed to.

This guy doesn’t have that option….at least, apparently, for the 240 days he’s choosing to live like this.

I should appreciate even more about my life.

Easy Peezy.


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