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I took my car to a mechanic yesterday….and, after a lot of futzing around and trying to get the high pressure line to seal with the new power steering pump, he determined that the line had a crack in it.

That’s bad…and good.

It affirmed that there wasn’t anything that I was doing wrong.

I just needed a new part.

A part that was special order and would take me out of work for 2 more days.

So….I’m waiting on the part to come in tomorrow and then waiting for the mechanic to put the line on.

The line didn’t leak before I took it off….but in the process of removing it, it developed a hairline crack that the nut hid.

What wasn’t broke….and what’s later broken but unable to be seen…is hard to diagnose.

The part was under warranty though….so the replacement was free.

Now I just need to pay the man to fix something that I hoped to do myself….so that we could save some money.


I feel so hosed.



(That picture is for a LHD hose….but it’s similar to the one I replaced. The real difference is the one I need is $116.00….and the one pictures is probably about $25.00. Good it was under warranty….)


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