what do I have to lose?

I haven’t been driving the Mail Jeep for a while.

I had a bunch of problems that I couldn’t figure out….so I took it to an “expert”….and when I got it back after being charged for a second time of “not fixing the problem”….the engine had a loud ticking sound.

Who knows what it is?

I don’t.

Anyway, what do I have to lose?

I poured in some Marvel Mystery Oil and am going to give it a shot and see what happens.

What’s the worst that could happen?

I ruin an engine with 282,000 mail miles on it and have to get a new one?

I need to do that anyway, probably.

It’s had a lot of hard miles.

No matter what happens….I do really like the name of that product that I dumped into the engine.

Who could fault a product called “Marvel Mystery Oil”?

I’d use it after a bath….it sounds so darn mysterious.

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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.

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