Another Man’s Troubles

We have a rear wheel bearing on the Caravan that makes it sounds like we need to get some more speed up before we leave the runway.

It’s loud….and it’s unpleasant.

So…tomorrow, I’m going to replace it with a brand new bearing assembly.

If you watch enough videos on YouTube, you can figure out how to do the job.

Or….you figure out how horrible the job is going to be.

People post solutions to the “worst case scenario”….and I watch all the bad situations.

That’s how I learn that the situation is worse than I ever knew to think.

Maybe mine won’t be so bad?

Maybe, after 265,000 plus miles through all sorts of road conditions and salty water, mine won’t be so rusted that it’s a struggle to get the old one out?

That would be pretty cool.

Improbable….but cool.

It’s funny how knowledge of what might happen can scare you.

What if we went into every new experience with a positive expectation?

Maybe that would last 5 minutes into a confusing repair job that was quickly going south?

(“Going South”? My Southern friends would love that one. That’s worse than “Peter’d out”.)

I’ll do this and won’t make my own video.

It’s hard enough to do without a camera in my hands, too.


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