When we Watch a Horror Movie…

We watch horror movies to entertain ourselves sometimes.

That’s goofy.

Why would we watch something scary as a form of amusement?

Why would we put ourselves through that?

I’m going to replace the water pump on the Grand Caravan this morning.

It should go well.


Of course, I know from experience that anything can happen when you’re working on a car.

You can break it worse….make it “more worser”…pretty fast when you’re in the gravel on your back….fluids dripping in your eyes…loosening rusted and seized bolts that are coming off for the first time in 265,000 miles….applying tremendous torque with a range of motion of about 1/2 an inch…..torqueing it all “sensitively”….stressing while trying to stay calm.

And….like a horror movie….I watch videos about all the good and bad ways people fix their vehicles.

That’s not entertainment.

Why do I do that to myself?

Sometimes too much information can be terrifying.

I’m going to do this job this morning.

I hope it doesn’t rain.

Man….I can’t look away!

Who’s that guy in the bloody hood hiding behind that tree?

Where’d that bolt fall?

Into the engine somehow?

What’ll happen next?

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