The Part You Don’t See….

A good documentarian probably lets the subject of the film tell the story.

They don’t intrude.

Here’s the story of the filming of Alex Honnold’s free solo of El Capitan.

That’s some crazy stuff….climbing like that.

And…it’s pretty crazy to film something like this.

Only a great climber and filmmaker could do it.

Jimmy Chin (and crew)!

You have to be unobtrusive when someone’s doing something like climbing 3.000 feet of vertical.

It would be like, “SHHHHHHHHHH!! DADDY’S SLEEPING!!!!!” quiet.

This is the side of the story that doesn’t really matter until you catch yourself wondering how they got the shot.

I am anxious to be able to watch Alex Honnold climb this rock.

I might even make some popcorn.

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