Tiny Houses Should Be Warm and Personalized….

I don’t know exactly what I feel about the “tiny house movement”.

If they were all like this guy’s house, I’d feel like they were all cool and worthwhile.

If they were like a lot of the horrible, trend-following cookie cutter bites of expensive weirdness that I’ve seen since the movement became more common….I’d never want to see another one in my WHOLE LIFE(!!)

This is more in line with what I feel a good cabin should be.

And….that’s really what a “tiny house” is….a cabin on a trailer frame that can get you around the local code and provide a less expensive way to live.

Most days lately, I wonder if I’m going to end up living in a van sometime in the future.

A little place like this looks pretty expansive in comparison to a van.

This is a really nice tiny home…one of the nicer ones I’ve seen lately.

The video is from a great YouTube channel called Exploring Alternatives. You can find more of their videos HERE.

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