Shooting on a Sunday…..

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The neighbors are shooting the heck out of the air this afternoon.

Actually, they’re shooting the heck out of the bank at the back of their field.

Shooting the HELL out of it.

How appropriate for a Sunday.

That’s sarcastic.

There’s nothing “appropriate” about all this shooting noise on a Sunday.

There’s nothing nice about it at all.

But…..that’s what we get for living in the country.

I guess.

There are “rules” out here.

You aren’t supposed to mow your lawn on a Sunday down here in the Bible Belt.

But….in the Bible Belt….apparently you can shoot the HELL out of the bank beside the house.

That’s what the Second Amendment guarantees……

Awwwww…..they’ll run out of bullets soon and we’ll have some peace and quiet.

That’ll be cool.

I need some peace now and then.


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