Swedish Inspired Home in Oakland, CA

Here’s an idea….build behind your house and live mortgage-free after renting the main structure!

There’s a lot of smart choices in this build…from the corrugated metal for siding to the plywood floors in the loft…..too….well, just watch the video.

There’s a bunch of good choices.

This is so creative.

Creativity comes out of a lack of money (sometimes)…..and, if you have a bunch of time, you can get creative going that direction and save quite a bit of money.

Time is the thing you need to go in that direction.

If you don’t have time, you can hire creative people to do it all for you…..and then you can take credit for the results when it’s all done.

That way will cost you.

Awwwww….what the heck.

You’re either creative or you’re not creative.

It doesn’t have anything to do with how much money you have.

I do think, though, that a lack of money demands some creative solutions sometimes.

When you have to figure out a way to make something work, you have to get creative if you can’t just throw some money at the “problem”.

This is another Kirsten Dirksen video.

They’re all good.

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