When I Use a Chainsaw….


When I use a chainsaw, even if I’m being careful, I sometimes hit a rock or a piece of barbwire embedded in the log, and my chain is dulled almost immediately.

It’s easy to do…even if you’re being careful.

You can’t cut much with a dull chain.

When the chain is dulled, it sort of rubs through the material you’re cutting.

When it’s sharp…it cuts.

When it’s dull…it doesn’t cut.

Get it?

Here’s a movie where the evil character saws though the roof of the van, and when he’s ready to start killing again (which is all the time), his saw slices through everything in his reach like a hot knife through butter.

What kind of chain is he running?

I need a chain like that chain.

I don’t want to hurt anybody, but I need a chain like that.

I found that part of the movie highly illogical.


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