Could Be? Grand Caravan Cooling Fan Relay….

The school of mechanic-ing that I sometimes adhere to is the “replace parts until you fix the problem”.

That’s a bad way to do it.

It’s like a physician removing potential problems until he hits on the┬áissue and fixes it.

Sometimes you do more harm than good if you just remove and replace stuff.

That’s not the way to do it.

The minivan is running hot in car line at the kid’s school.

That can’t be.

That’s bad.

We’re going to buy another minivan soon…but until we do, I need to make sure that the one we have is “up to snuff”….so I’ll be trying to figure out why the fans aren’t kicking on like they should soon.

Maybe it’s the relay?

Maybe I’ll go down to LKQ and buy some parts….and pick up a relay while I’m down there?

LKQ is super cheap if you don’t mind crawling around in the mud to get the parts off the donor vehicles.

It’s always interesting with these cars.

It’s a big puzzle.

But….that’s life….a big puzzle.

Puzzling me all the time.

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