HomeMade …Episode 4…Modern Homesteading

You need time to do something like this.

I’m realizing that as I go to work early and get home late.

You need time.

And…you need energy.

I realize that…as I go to bed late and get up early…always tired…always looking for more time and needing more energy.

But…energy isn’t dependent on always having a bunch of free time.

You have to stay active and work…to have energy.

That’s a “no-brainer”.

Maybe I’m just imagining how energizing it would be to work at something that felt a little more self-directed than working at the Post Office.

Awwwwww…..what am I? Some sort of slave? Or….just a “responsible” adult?

I’m going to take care of my family…but maybe something like this would be better for all of us?

Who knows?

I’m too afraid to find out.

What a whiner.

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