Ramit Sethi is a smart as…

Ramit Sethi is a smart as heck know-it-all Indian dude that , when it comes to finance at least, knows what he’s talking about. ( I suppose you thought I’d misspelled A** in the title? maybe….he is kind of a smarta**…and that’s probably a lot of the appeal of this book.)

The book isn’t a get rich quick kind of situation.  The main idea is that if we can “get out of our own way” (my quotes….not his), automate our finances, learn to avoid/eliminate fees, and save money in simple ways that we stand a better chance of being rich than if we continue to make the mistakes that the majority of us make.

I’ve read a bunch of this type of financial books….trying to figure it all out.  I guess it’s kind of like the friends who live at the beach who always want to come to visit the mountains.  We always want something different than what we have.  Temporarily, we don’t have a huge pile of money.  I’d like a huge pile of money….I’m not embarrassed to say it…a big old imposing pile of money…lots of money. I don’t love money….that’s the root of all evil…but I would love to have a bunch of money.  It would be fun.  Ramit’s book is a fun read. It’s fun to read about how to save, invest, and handle your money so that someday the reader might end up with a GIANT pile of money. (did I mention that I’d like to have a big ol’ honkin’ Scrooge McDuck style monster pile of money?  Well…I would. )

This book is currently a little more than ten dollars at Amazon.com….I can think of at least three tips that he gives that would save the price of the book in the first couple of chapters alone.It’s a bargain and a smart investment.

I’d like to sit down with Ramit sometime and chew the fat, have a couple of beers, let him pick up the tab (he’s a rich author, you know?)…but until that happens this book is the next best thing to hanging out with him.


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