I’m still standing

The 21st of December has come and, to the best of my understanding at least, gone without anything earth shattering happening.

I haven’t turned on the news yet, though…so California may have slid off into the Pacific…or Paraguay may have evaporated in a puff of cosmic smoke….or any number of appropriately apocalyptic things may have happened that I don’t know about yet.

It is strangely windy outside.

I didn’t think that anything would happen yesterday. I didn’t plan…didn’t go to Stonehenge to dance under the waning moon…didn’t run up a big credit card bill that I’d never have to repay….didn’t do any of the appropriately inappropriate things that the end of the world might call for. I wasn’t able to rise to the occasion…it was a big day that I just couldn’t get jacked up about, for some reason.

If the end does ever come in hard…and for some strange reason I and my family do survive it…I hope we can all wear straw hats and weird glasses and dance under a fake street lamp…if only for the moment between aftershocks.  What a cool comment that would make if anyone else was still around to see it.

Remember when Elton was married and wasn’t gay?  Man …those were the days. (Just kidding…I realize that his preferences were most likely pretty ingrained early on.)

I figure that in spite of the day coming off without incident that we should probably give the Mayans a two-year margin of error with this whole end thing…just to be fair.  It was a complex calendar…but it was an old calendar and pretty primitive…so it’s only fair that we cut them some slack when trying to pin down an exact date.  So…for the next two years, I’m on a slow boil paranoia path…something could always happen and usually does.

Here’s another quick question…and then I’ll go:  Are we so bored that it takes the Apocalypse to wake us up a little?  What the heck?  I remember a movie called “Night of the Comet”…a bunch of people standing on the roof of a high-rise building, holding up signs welcoming the comet…big party and much frivolity…woooohoooo…and then they were vaporized and gone, their empty clothes and a pile of red dust all that was left.  The only reason I mention it is that all those bored people seemed to be having the time of their lives…if only for a brief moment.  I guess we better be careful about how we choose to respond to the news that the world is ending…next time.

Did I mention that it’s strangely windy outside?

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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.

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