I could drag this end of the world thing out forever

If I really lacked content for this blog, I could drag this end of the world thing out forever.

Of course, I don’t need to do that.  My head is filled with interesting topics to write about.  If a person is breathing…if a person has any of his senses…there will always be something to write about.  The world is too rich a tapestry to allow me to just stare at my computer screen and wonder, “what today?!”.

But if I was having problems with that…I could really drag out this end of the world discussion a long time…if not forever.

But…the world hasn’t ended yet.  So what’s the point of discussing it any further? To pick an angle on the whole situation and beat it to death would get tiresome pretty quickly.  Who would want to stick around for that? Not me, for one…count me out.

It’s a luxury…the endless discussion…that a real “extinction level event” wouldn’t allow me.  If I sat at our computer blogging away and watched the panicked exodus down our little country road…while meteors plowed into the mountains on the other side of the valley….rifts opened following the creek bed…my family would be P.O.’d with me.  It would be a time of action…not contemplation….time to rent an RV and get ready to do some major stunts to save the clan.

That isn’t the way any of this world ending stuff went down this time, though.  It is irrelevant to talk about any of it now…like jawing about exactly what I was doing when Y2K didn’t happen.  Nobody cares…nobody wants to hear it.

So I won’t talk about it.  What would be the point?  I guess I asked that earlier.  There isn’t any sense in repeating myself, so let me rephrase it: what purpose would it serve to talk about something that didn’t happen ad nauseam? The answer to that question is…no purpose at all.  It would grow hard to listen to and I don’t think I’d be able to sustain any interest in it.

To obsess over something that didn’t happen may just be a strong indicator of a deeper underlying psychological problem.  Think about it : someone talks about an imagined reaction to an event that never happened over and over and over and over…talks about it to the point where the reader or listener or audience feels like they’d do anything to escape it…they would do anything to extricate themselves from the hell of a pointless obsession…and this person doing the talking/writing never clues in to how hard it is to bear the discussion.  That is crazy!

We have bigger things going on in the world than the world ending.

How about Christmas? Now that’s something to celebrate…forget all this Stonehenge weirdness.


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