lo meinIt’s funny when you have to wonder if the only exercise you’re getting is when you wake up after a weird dream with your heart beating a little faster than usual.

I had a dream last night that two older Asian dudes were on our porch.  The power was out, so I shined a flashlight on them…the guy that was in the corner picked up our umbrella and tried to poke me before he ran out.  If that doesn’t get your heart racing, I don’t know what would.

I don’t usually have bad dreams…or at least I don’t remember the ones I may be having.  I remember I had a dream a long time ago that something had happened to my father…and woke up crying…but I really don’t have a lot of bad dreams.

I wake up early now all the time…probably a part of getting a little older…but I don’t have any trouble falling asleep…and when I do sleep it’s usually peacefully.

Those two old Asian guys kind of freaked me out a little, though.  It was the same kind of freak out I feel when there’s a skunk or a raccoon out there…not scared that they were going to hurt me, just surprised to see them.  I’m not comparing Asian people to skunks…nothing like that…but what the heck were they doing on my porch in the middle of the night?

I don’t think a bad dream is aerobic.  I didn’t feel like this one was anywhere near bad enough to be anaerobic….so maybe the exercise comparison doesn’t hold water.

You know…I did have some leftover Lo Mein and Hunan Style fried tofu for lunch yesterday.  Do you think there’s any connection to the dream?  I know there’s no connection to the exercise idea…I sat on the couch and watched Dark Knight Rises.


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