you better roll up your sleeve

I’m feeling a little bit under the weather this morning…and thinking about being required to take the flu shot.

How about that?  Required ….you read that right.

Earlier in the week, I saw a video report about health care workers who were terminated for not taking the flu shot.  It was made mandatory by the company they worked for, and when they refused the shot, the workers were let go.

I guess we should get used to being told what to do?  Maybe the “chip” with all its issues is just around the corner?

Oh yes you will take the MARK OF THE BEAST!!!!

I’ve talked about how you can’t live your life in a constant state of paranoia.

I still believe that’s true.

But it sure is interesting to watch anything unfold that raises a warning flag.

No snow on the ground this morning…mailman’s delight.


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