“excuse me, ma’am…”

homelessring_hand off.grid-6x2There’s a story on the MSN homepage this morning about a homeless guy who returned a diamond engagement ring to the lady who dropped it into his cup by accident.

He returned the ring to her, she set up a donation page for him, he’s received $175,000 dollars in donations towards a new place to live…and he was able to reunite with his family because of the publicity the story generated for him.

Here’s the story .

Hooray for good deeds and the higher side of human nature!

Why is it that the stories that we’re most aware of are the bad ones?  I know there is still enough good in the world to balance it all out…but what gets reported is the bad stuff.  Why do we chase the ambulance?  Why can’t we turn away from the train wreck?


homeless man closeup ringI love stories like this.  There is a lot of goodness in the world still and when it hits the media….it matters.  People respond to the thought that there are positive things happening in the world…it’s good for us to see and remember.

Well done, Billy Ray…well done.

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