just a random find…fine indeed

Ah, so good.  Here’s a video from a young guy named Allen Stone.

Here’s some info about him from his official site

Like many soul singers, Stone got his start in church. He was a preacher’s kid, so whipping crowds into a call-and-response frenzy as he performs “Say So” is second nature. Steeped in gospel music and shielded from secular songs, Allen didn’t discover soul music until he was a teenager and started collecting classic albums from the 60’s and 70’s.

“Soul music from that time wasn’t just about bumpin’ and grindin’ at the club—it was a huge part of a cultural movement. That’s where my inspiration comes from,” says Stone, who was also schooled by folk records of the period.

Good for you…there’s a lot to be said for doing it all “old school”.  As soon as our three-year old won’t be tempted to scrub off the stylus, I’m going to get my turntable out and school my kids on what real music is all about.

This guy is pretty great…check him out.


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