the “share with your children” weight-loss plan

chimps sharing foodI brought a bowl of crunchy store brand raisin bran upstairs to enjoy the other morning.

The minute I sat down on the couch, our three-year old son was right beside me…asking to share.

A mouthful for me, a mouthful for Nate….”No…more raisins”, he said…”milk….” .

It started a freight train of thought in my head as I sat there sharing my breakfast…why not have a team…why not have a stable…I don’t really know what you’d call it…why not have a bunch of three-year olds that you rent out to people to aid in their weight loss plans?

I know that I get about half of the food I plan on getting when our three-year old sits down to share…maybe other people would have similar results and could reap the benefits of caloric reduction at the hands of a willing child?

You can’t refuse a three-year old.  This plan is foolproof.

Empires have been built on lesser ideas.

Now, it may not work the next time you sit down down to enjoy a healthy portion of pickled pigs feet…I think it has to be a food item that’s appealing to a three-year old.  If you were planning to eat, say…macaroni and cheese or something like that…the plan would work perfectly.

I’m still working out the logistics…there’s waivers to sign, parents to approach with the plan, lots of groundwork…but if this idea takes off I could see a really exciting infomercial in our future.

I figure that 3 year olds are the perfect employee…maybe a really immature and hungry 4-year-old would work out well, too.  Like I said before, I’m still working out the details.

This is an idea that could really fly.

I’m taking applications for angel investors starting now…

I think I hear the little guy getting up now…time to share a bowl of raisin bran (am I looking thinner to you?).

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