faster, faster, faster

I’ve heard some people say that time is speeding up.

I don’t know if that’s really true…I think it’s more situational.  I’ve been in some meetings or teleconferences that seemed to bend time.  They dragged on forever.

I guess forever is hyperbole…. maybe not forever…they just seemed to last a long time.

Our oldest daughter will graduate from High School this year.

I still have a strong memory of dropping her off for her first day of Kindergarten.

Where did that time go?

Here’s a quote from Earl Nightingale that I appreciated:

“I never mastered time management.  No one manages time; time cannot be managed.  I merely manage activities.”  ~ Earl Nightingale

Time management…efficiency….squeezing more into each day…organized and “day planned” and blackberried to death….it’s all big business. People want to maximize…winners never quit…or stop scheduling.

If you can take a shotgun approach and do everything…then maybe something is going to feel right.

I’ve stopped listening to the radio when I deliver the mail…stopped listening to audio books…stopped listening to anything except the wind noise and my own thoughts.

It’s surprising how little I have going on in my head when I quiet things down long enough to notice the lack.

I thought it would be a constant stream of profundity inside my head…but it’s just a lot of moving air…. and watching the deer and wild turkey… as I zip on to another mailbox.  When I’m really alone, I realize I’m not nearly as amusing as I thought I was.  If you can’t keep yourself amused…then what do you really have going for you, anyway?

Maybe that’s why people like a lot of activity going on around them all the time?  It’s kind of tough sometimes to spend time with yourself….it can be kind of boring.

I think most people have a hard time spending time alone….like they want to say, “OK, me…let’s back off just a little, please…let’s keep all this stuff PROFESSIONAL….ALRIGHT?!!!”

You don’t want to dig too deep…you just might find a big ol’ pile of BURIED CRAZY if you throw that last shovelful of distraction out of the hole.

Who wants to risk that?

I’m pretty good company for myself…just not the non-stop mailman party I thought I presented to the world.

Quiet is peaceful…it’s just not always very exciting.

I guess that’s good enough, though.

Here’s an Eric Andersen song from an album called Blue River…it’s a quiet one so maybe it’ll slow down time for a moment…give you a minute to stack some cups fast.

03 Wind and Sand


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