YouTube days

“With a head as full of nothing as a head could be!”

That sounds like the perfect jingle for an amazing undeveloped product.

I wish I could think of something to pump out into the marketplace.

We’d all be RICH.

Joan Armatrading had a song years ago where she sang, “some days the bear will eat you…some days you eat the bear…”.

I don’t have any bears on my horizon…but there are mornings when a commitment to write a daily blog post feels like it might be just a little overwhelming.  What to do when you’ve exhausted enough good ideas to count on both hands and you still have get to write something?  What are you going to do to keep the quality as high as the quantity of posts you let float out into the webisphere?

You look to the only thing that might have any hope of inspiring you.

You look to YouTube.

Like this morning.  Right off the bat, I found this video of a pit bull having fun with a tree.

What could be more inspiring first thing in the morning for a mailman to see than a pit bull having fun with something…and never letting go?

I don’t know about you, but that image gets my blood going like no Venti regular brew ever could.  It gives me something to think about all day long.

Just yesterday, I delivered an intact package to a home high on the mountain.  When I pulled up to the residence, a GIANT APBT (that’s American Pit Bull Terrier for the folks not in the know) came around the corner from behind the house.

My heart skipped a beat…until I noticed that she had a pink heart name tag attached to her collar…

“Whew..”, I thought….”nobody’s going to put a pink heart on a mean dog’s collar!

“That must be one nice pit bull, for sure…”

It turned out that after some talking, bone sharing (milk bones…I carry “store brand” milk bones with me), and generally just trying to instantaneously read the situation that the little pink heart was well deserved.

She was a giant wiggling, tail wagging ball of muscle and teeth…all sweetness and potential dread.

I left the package on one of the two porches (the one that didn’t have her food bowl and dog house on it)…told her not to chew it up…petted her one more time…and went on my way.

I guess that there’s always something happening in my life…sometimes I just don’t remember it until  a Russian dog trying to pull down a limb jogs my memory.

Sometimes I don’t remember it until something with really strong and persistent jaws drags it out of me.

Only metaphorically speaking, of course.



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