I’m listening

My daughter found this on YouTube…pretty funny.

“I think we all know who the real boss is.  The real boss is the one who does…the tickling.”

Our three-year old has, seemingly all of a sudden, gotten lucid.

It’s strange to understand most of what comes out of his mouth.  He has some unique insights.

Six months ago, most of it required some deciphering.  There were some moments of pure and strange brilliance, but a lot of the time was spent asking my wife, “Did you catch that?  What did he just say?”

I think she is kind of a baby whisperer…many times she could actually translate for me. She spoke his language.

It is refreshing and weird to be able to understand the complete sentences that come out of his mouth these days.

His perspective is definitely a fresh one.

How much am I missing out in the world because I just don’t speak the language?

It’s not only a matter of the rest of the people not being up to speed…not being able to communicate in a way that I can relate to.

I think the problem really does lie with me.


Our child was having the same thoughts when he was younger and unintelligible.  Nothing changed except his ability to pronounce an ever-expanding vocabulary.

But I act like he’s the one who is suddenly “up to speed”.

This was a funny video.  It doesn’t deserve any quasi philosophical rambling…but it’s amazing when you realize that, at least as far as language goes, you really are on the same page/planet as your young child.

Short post this morning…I overslept.  5:30 instead of 5:00 AM.  What happened?

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