leaf on the wind

A buddy of mine quoted a movie called Serenity the other day.

I’d involved myself in a Facebook conversation that I had no business being in…something about class warfare and the lack of ethics that having money encourages…and it had begun to get weirder than I suspected it would.

I was trying to express that money isn’t the evil that some think…but it wasn’t a popular sentiment given the quoted article’s slant.

I pictured us with pitchforks and torches, climbing the hill to the mansion where the cheating rich were barricaded.

By the time it turned back into “fun”, my friend had the intelligence and good judgement to quote Serenity and make it “all right”.

What a great line.

“Riding” through any of the minor rough patches life throws at us ( I haven’t had the opportunity yet to pilot and land a disabled space craft)…it’s a good line to remember.

“A leaf on the wind”.

Gliding …or thrown around in the hurricane…I suppose the question for me is how do I arrive at the perspective about the situation that lets me see it as gliding?

Thinking about what we call “minor rough patches” is kind of interesting, too.

Some can break a nail and it’s over for the week.  Nothing can be right because something small was wrong.

Some can wake up to day number 1,140 in the concentration camp and see some sun and dream about what things are going to be when it’s all better.  Nothing can be completely wrong because they still have the hope of something “right” coming someday.

I don’t know how we decide which approach to take.

Lots of thoughts that have no business being attached to a great quote from a great movie…but it’s something to aspire to …that whole “leaf on the wind” thing.

It’s like the “zen master” buddy who stays so chill as long as he has enough Guiness in the refrigerator and all the problems around him are someone else’s.  He can be so cool about things…maybe even dispense some good and appropriately zenlike advice when the situation allows.

But….he completely falls apart when the problem is hitting a little closer to home.

When things get personal, philosophy flies out the window sometimes.

When it really hits the fan….he loses his “leafyness”.


Enough rambling.  This is a great movie….Serenity…and I think it can be found streaming on YouTube.

A “leaf on the wind”….that we’d all have occasion to quote that when getting hammered by the storm.



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