video star

If I’m posting a YouTube video, there’s a good chance that I overslept.

When I promised myself that I’d do a post every morning, I think that I was operating on the premise that I’d give myself enough time before work to actually do a post every morning.

So when I oversleep, it’s a good stop-gap to post a YouTube video.

This video is by a guy who calls himself Wranglerstar for all his video postings.  As of this morning, he’s posted about 358 videos of advice about homesteading and country life.

This video is about swap meet tools…but he covers a lot of ground in the other 357 postings he’s made.

It’s pretty amazing to me that he can sustain any level of quality over the high volume of postings that he’s done…but the ones I’ve watched have all been pretty good.

There is such a broad range of paranoia on YouTube….search “survivalist” or “survivalism” to open that can of worms…but this guy’s videos are pretty practical and I think he does a good job with them.

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