logging my brain


There’s a Christian band that I love who were active in the 70’s and 80’s called the 2nd Chapter of Acts. It was one of those “wore out the grooves” situations…back in the day when that statement made sense.

Now we have bits…little 1’s and 0’s that a laser and computer read and turn back into music.

We used to “groove” when the needle of the turntable rode over the “grooves”.

If you listened to an album a lot, you could say that you “wore out the grooves”…you wore out the record.

Anyway, they had this one song where Annie Herring sang something like “I fall in love so easy..with everything that I see…”  ( “I fall in love/changes” from the footnotes in the volume of the book album)

I was thinking about that song this morning.

She wasn’t singing about scattered attention spans and willy-nilly affections.  She was singing about something more solid than that.

I tend to get obsessed with a subject…willing to follow the distracting “butterfly” for miles. I don’t know why that is.

I got a catalog from an outfit called Madsens the other day.  They supply logging equipment to timber workers in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

Suddenly, I’m on a logging kick.

I haven’t put on a new chain and started cutting down all the trees on our land yet….nothing as dramatic as that…but I’m really getting a kick out of looking at this catalog and the items they have for sale.

The “environmentalist” in me is kind of horrified when I see a large tree come down.  There’s something sad about something live that gets cut down to suit our lumber needs…that gets cut down to make some money.

But it’s hypocritical to pound a nail into a 2×4 and then rail against the loggers…kind of like talking about how bad hunting is while I pick out some shrink wrapped meat at Wal-Mart.

Here’s an even older film from the 1930’s…

Maybe it’s just the working outside all the time…being out in the woods….that’s appealing.

I’m outside…in the woods everyday…but it’s always driving the mail jeep around.  I’m not walking around in the timber toting a chainsaw.

Nothing that dangerous.

Except for some distracted driver forcing me into the ditch, I don’t have a lot of hazards on my job.

This is a new obsession…this logging thing.

I’ll probably attach myself to something new in a while…maybe raising goats or parasailing. Who knows?

YouTube is a pretty amazing thing, too.  Who would have thought when we were carefully placing an album on a turntable that someday we could watch movies like these whenever we wanted to.

That’s pretty darn amazing.

Remember “filmstrips”?  Remember the “audio-visual club” and the self-important little guy who ran the projector so officiously when we were in grade school?  Remember the slates we wrote on and when we first discovered that thing we named “fire”?

Those were the days.

You know…thinking some more about all this, it may be that I just like to “accessorize”.

You should see me in my snowmobile suit…pretty hip.

Now all I need is a snowmobile and some snow.

Check out that Madsens site…lots of interesting stuff.


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