Tensed up

Turn the volume down on this video (the music is kind of obnoxious for such a peaceful place) and you can see where we were a little over a year ago.

Last summer, we took an epic road trip up to Minnesota and then across the Dakotas, Montana, and finally… Idaho.

We were visiting my cousin who has lived on his parcel of some family land for a number of years.

Here’s another video to give you an idea of what the area is like…

I miss being on the road.

The fun thing about our experiences is that I think we were successful enough with all the traveling that our children are still pretty excited about it all.

Our “almost 4-year-old” says, “We could go to a motel?!” when he’s looking for something really fun to do.

That’s a good sign that the trip was kind of a fun adventure for him.

Here’s a video filmed up at a place called Hunt Lake.  I’d never heard of it but it’s farther north than Tensed is….above Lake Couer D’Alene…looks like a little shy of 100 miles from Tensed….141 miles by road.

Pretty amazing country out there.

It looks like Tensed is about 2300 miles from Fairbanks AK.

325 miles to Seattle WA.

459 miles to Vancouver, BC

904 miles to San Francisco.

1277 miles to La Jara CO.

I could do this all day long.  The computer makes it a lot easier to find out mileage than it felt when we were driving it all.

What a great road trip.  After ID we drove over to Spokane WA to visit my relatives who live there….and then started the long drive down to Colorado via Yellowstone.

I had two weeks off from the Post Office to do my portion of the trip ( I flew out of Denver to come home and start work again…Jenny went to La Jara with the kids and drove home a couple of weeks later) but two weeks wasn’t even close to being enough time.  I think two years would have been a more workable time frame to really get to see everything we “sped through” on our tight itinerary.

But why stop at two years?  Think BIG, right?  How about something longer than two years? Maybe…maybe….maybe like…..shoot, I can’t think of anything longer than two years.

20 years?  That seems kind of weird.  We’ll stick with two years.  That feels “do-able”.

“Where we are right now” is a good place… trying to take care of the tasks at hand feels good…but I do loves me some adventure.

I’m going to post this one last video so that Idaho doesn’t get too crowded.  It’d be a shame if a bunch of folks watched these videos and decided to move there.

Watch this video…there’s too many snakes in Idaho for it to be appealing to everyone.

Don’t move to Idaho.  Look at all these snakes.

Awwww….who’m I fooling.  It’s freaking beautiful in Idaho.  Here’s one more video.

I guess that what I’m saying is “leave some room for us”.

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