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My wife and I watched a commercial last night where a lady poured honey over a big piece of cheese.

It looked like expensive cheese.

In fact, I think that she poured honey over two big pieces of cheese.

I think that she was going to have a cheese party.

She was going “all out”.

We watched that commercial together and at the end of it, Jenny asked me if I’d “seen her pour the honey over all of it?”.

I told her that I’d seen it, too. ( I’d been reading…half watching the TV…but I still saw the commercial.)

Then, she said, ” What if she doesn’t eat all the cheese?  It will be ruined.”

“What if she doesn’t eat all the cheese?”

This morning, I was thinking about how I plan for less just in case I can’t “eat it all” the first time through.

Don’t commit to pouring the honey over the biggest slice of cheese…don’t commit completely.

What if I can’t eat it all?

The cheese will be ruined.

I don’t really know….some people seem to be able to commit with the idea that they’ll never eat all the cheese, but “why worry about it?”  Pour the honey, let the chips fall…don’t worry about what comes later…just live …and if you get to the end and you have to throw out half the cheese that you couldn’t eat, well, it’s just “collateral damage”.

I watch a commercial and freak out about what someone else is going to do with their ruined left-over cheese.

People say that the first step is the hardest, that the biggest route to success is just “showing up”…so commitment must be pretty important.

It’s pretty important to make up your mind to just “go for it”….and then follow through.

I’m thinking this morning that it might be important sometimes to just “pour the honey” and not worry about the cheese you’ll have left at the end…kind of like not thinking about having a big “kick” left at the end of the race.

Maybe that’s something I could learn to do? Learn to just commit and let things sort themselves out in the future?  Just throw the cheese out if I couldn’t finish it all?

Although, a cheese party with just me and some cheese and some honey might not be much of a party….it takes a village to eat a big hunk of honeyed cheese.  It’s not always only my responsibility to eat the cheese.

That commercial still freaks me out.

That’s a lot of cheese.

I don’t know if I even like cheese on my honey.

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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.

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