woman’s gotta have it


I wonder how many of my various “worldviews” have been shaped by song lyrics?

(People usually use the phrase “worldview”…but I think sometimes it’s not so cut and dried with me…some of it seems to be sort of situational.)

From the occasionally laughable macho posturing I picked up from a Bad Company song…running around singing, “Feel like making…” at the top of my lungs and then turning in shyness…

Or maybe it’s a James Taylor remake of a Bobby Womack song…

“Woman’s gotta have it…everyday now…she’s gotta know that she’s needed around…”

The funny thing about things like that…the “let her know that she’s needed around” part…is that when we really need each other, a lot of the times we’re too busy to let each other know.

I’ve said before that life seems to accelerate…sometimes it seems to slip into hyperdrive or something….it’d be good to slow down long enough to really “let her know”.

I couldn’t find a live JT performance of the Bobby Womack song…so here’s a Calvin Richardson performance instead.

I don’t know Calvin.

I think that in my head, I’m the Norwegian version of this guy.  It would be so cool to be in front of a bunch of appreciative people, singing my soul out, and have the chance to insert a short spoken word section into a song like that.

That would be so cool.

But this post isn’t about me having the chance to turn into a cool Norwegian Black Man.

It’s about knowing how to let someone know that you love and appreciate them in the middle of it all…in the middle of all the excitement and noise…getting a chance to say what you might think your actions are saying loudly everyday.

Something like, “I GO TO WORK EVERYDAY!!! I CARE ABOUT EVERYBODY IN THIS FAMILY!!!” isn’t very romantic.

Not that I’ve ever said anything like that…but it might happen in some other relationships.

It’s got to be something better…something stronger…than just a reminder of the mechanical aspects of holding the family machine together.

There is still a “couple” hiding behind all the parental responsibilities…somewhere, in a galaxy far, far away…there is still a couple behind all the frantic running and wiping…cooking and driving and coordinating.

I don’t have much of an idea about how to act… about how to act correctly.  I make some mistakes.

But “you’ve got to make her feel it…everyday now…she’s got to know that she ain’t walking on shaky ground” is a pretty succinct primer on how to keep a relationship rolling in a positive way.

Maybe rolling towards a Cialis moment where both of you have your own clawfoot bathtub in a field of daisies?

I’m not really sure what that commercial is about…but I do know that if you spend more than four hours in those bathtubs, you’re supposed to call a doctor.

The wisdom of Bobby Womack.  How’d he get so smart?

Here’s a gentle James Taylor song to close out…I couldn’t find his version of the Bobby Womack song…but I could find this.

Good to be home.


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