mail jeep rave


I check new music out of the library sometimes.

Actually, I check a lot of music out of the library. It’s a lot cheaper than even looking through the cutout bins for new music.  It’s about as cheap as it gets.

Free is pretty darn cheap.

When I “don’t have a dime in it”, I can afford to try on as many hats as I want.

I can listen to music that I wouldn’t take a chance on otherwise.

I checked out a couple of CDs the other day that I guess would be considered “electronic dance music”.  I didn’t know that when I checked them out…it was more a situation of “who are these people?” than it was an educated choice.

Soon I was rocking out…turning it up and delivering the mail.

Here’s one of the songs I was listening to…you’d need to crank it a little to understand what I was going through.

I mean CRANK IT. You need to crank it to understand.

You need to stand in my ears for a while to empathize with me.

I was listening to this EDM…which is a really cool way for us “club kids” to describe the “jamz we’re kicking it to”…and thought, “Wow…this is like my own little one man RAVE.”

My one man rave.

I came up on James Taylor…and Dan Fogelberg….and Jesse Colin Young.

I didn’t RAVE.  I didn’t often RAGE.

I was a sensitive young man….absorbed in the gentle sounds of love and loss

This music…this new techno music…spoke to me the other day.

I needed a bunch of strobes…many, many glow sticks….a Theodore Geisel hat.  I needed to complete the effect.

I don’t think that any of that would be “official government issue”, though.


It would bother people to see and hear me coming while they were waiting for me to deliver their medicine.

It might blow their minds to see me jamming out like that.

That isn’t even something they discuss in our “safety talks”.  They say “don’t let the dogs bite you” and “always set your parking brake”, but they never say “don’t turn up the techno until your ears bleed”.

To the USPS, that would not even be a possibility.

“One Man Raves” in a mail jeep are outside the realm of believability for the USPS.

“Who would do such a thing?!”

I’m driving everyday. I drive everywhere in a constant and consistent loop.  My life is pretty much the same…work wise….everyday.

Except for the wild card that the weather can become, my job is good and regular.

It really is both good and regular .

I’m a Mailman. That’s not a highly exciting occupation. I’m not a Navy Seal or a Lion Tamer or even a Produce Manager. I’m none of those exciting things….at work.

At home, I’m pretty darn exciting.

But I can crank up the correct soundtrack, and I can be anything I want.


You might see me, music pumping loud, putting your first class letter in the box, yelling out, “YO, BOYEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ…HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS!!  HERE COMES THE DROP!!!!

How much cooler does it get than that?

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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.

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