talkin’ ’bout the Whitleys

I used this song in a post the other day.

Chris Whitley is gone now…but what a talent he was.

They used to play interesting people on the radio.

When programmers were including people who weren’t judges on American Idol, they still didn’t play a whole lot of Chris Whitley’s music.

This song was the big radio hit.

Here’s a short excerpt from a documentary about Chris Whitley…the language is strong…kind of rough…but he was an original, especially when you consider what music was like in the early ’90’s.

He was an original.

Here’s another Whitley who left too soon.

I heard him the other day on the mail route and remembered how good this Whitley was when he was around.

A lot of folks I know don’t like “country music”. They just don’t like it for some reason.

Good music is good music, though.

This guy was pretty darn good…and like Chris Whitley….he’s gone now.

There’s a lot of good music out there.

I don’t know if Chris will be remembered.  I hope he is…he was pretty unique. There was something going on there in his music that you don’t get a chance to see very often in “popular music” these days.

I suspect that Keith will be remembered.  “Country legends” have some staying power, for some reason.

These guys were the genuine article.  “Real” stands out.


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