another game

I watched the one football game last night that I’ll watch this year.

We’re a Spongebob house…we’re not a football house.

I watch the Superbowl every year to see the commercials….and the halftime show.

I don’t really remember much of it.  I don’t remember much of any of it.

Not because one beer and a bunch of chips and salsa make me black out. I’m not that tired, really…or that much of a lightweight.

It’s just that it wasn’t very memorable.

Except for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, it wasn’t very memorable.

How is that? How does that happen? Can you get your money back on a 2000 dollar ticket if the game really stinks? Or do they give you a t-shirt on the way out of the stadium that says, “IMASUCKER”?

I was glad that I don’t watch much football.

One night of wasting my time (with football…I waste time other ways, usually) is enough.

I did like the “cancer support” car (truck?) commercial, though. That was nice…understated…effective. I was proud of those guys who made that one.  It was good.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers had a cameo appearance with Bruno Mars during the halftime show.

They trotted them out about 2 or 3 songs in.

I wonder whose idea that was? Why put a real rock band in with a little pop guy?

That was probably the best performance by a rock act (other than Kid Rock…do you remember that one?) that I’ve seen at the Super Bowl.

But I think that the folks who like Bruno Mars didn’t like a bunch of shirtless freaks jumping around and funking up the little faux James Brown’s stage.

Bruno was excellent. He’s a great performer. I liked the drum opening…that was pretty cool.

But the Chili Peppers are a force.  It was a mistake to put them on stage with Bruno and invite comparisons.

As far as the football went…blehhhhh.

That Seattle QB is pretty darn good.  That was fun to see.

I was born in Seattle…so why not claim superiority?

That’s right.  That’s my team.  Seattle all the way, baby.

Them’s my peeps.

My one game of the year.

Other news….Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Good grief.

Found dead in his apartment of an apparent overdose.

All that talent and acclaim, and they find him with a syringe in his arm.

What a total waste.

So the whole world watches a football game…a game that’s usually pretty entertaining…and this talented man dies with a syringe in his arm.

What the….heck.

No great life lessons here or attempts to turn it into something deeper. It’s not a metaphor for the world at large, or some weird indicator of society’s continuing downward spiral, if that’s really happening now…just a sad coincidence that he would die on Super Bowl Sunday.

It’s pouring rain here and I’m driving a strange vehicle on the mail route because the Jeep’s in the shop.

It’s pouring and I can’t see out of the camper cover when I’m driving the old Toyota in the rain.

I can’t see out of the rear view mirror very well when it rains.

The windows in the camper cover fog up.

That’s my reality today.

That was a boring game. Boring, boring, boring, boring. Really boring.

I liked Philip Seymour Hoffman.  I thought he was pretty great and funny.

What a waste.

PSH 7/23/1967-2/2/2014 RIP

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