a cello plus a bicycle…change the world

Geeeeeeeshshhhh….all these happy “accidents”.

I love something random when it turns out to be finding out about someone as interesting as Ben Sollee.

“Random” is good when….random is good.

Listening to the radio yesterday (SIRIUS RADIO!!! I’d recommend it if you’re on the road a lot like I am….one of my good extravagances) I heard a short concert by Ben Sollee.

My daughter is a cellist, so when I heard “songwriter” and “cellist” in the same introductory sentence, my ears perked up.

Writing this now, I realized that if I was going to recap this video…describe what it was about…I might run the risk of repeating something.

When you put the video at the beginning of the post, I guess there’s always a chance that someone actually watched the video before they read the post.

I suppose there’s a good chance that people watch the video instead of reading the post.

Dang interesting video…you steal my thunder!

Ben Sollee learned to play the cello. He learned to play the cello very well…and then he bought a bicycle and started touring…2-wheel style.

In the video he says that he and his drummer have toured more than 3,600 miles by bicycle so far with their instruments.

That’s pretty darn impressive.

I hear so much music while I’m driving around. I listen to so much news. There’s so much noise out in the world.

I listen to it all.

Sometimes it pays off. Sometimes, in the middle of all the noise, a performer like Ben Sollee comes along who makes me say, “Oh.   Oh!  That’s what I was looking for….something good.”

When a child complains that there’s “nothing good on!!” as they surf through all the channels, maybe they aren’t so far from the truth.

An adult can always watch something like GOLF if they can’t find anything good to watch.

They can act like that was their intention all along…to stay inside on a nice day and watch some other men hit a little ball around on the grass….watch them play somewhere else where it was a nice day, too.

A child doesn’t have that ability to fool themselves into liking something mediocre….unless it’s a Hanna-Barbera cartoon that they’ve already watched 10 times.

What’s that called? “Ennui”?

Anyway, I digress. There’s nothing to apologize for when I watch Ben Sollee on YouTube.

He’s one of the “good ones”.

This world is huge. There is a lot going on in this big old world.

I’m glad there are people like Ben Sollee riding around on bikes….taking their cellos to another show.

That’s a good kind of random.

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