Sparrow projectile vomited over my shoulder last night all over my favorite sweatshirt that I was wearing to keep warm while we were trying to figure out why she was so agitated…and as a result of that, I slept too late.

So this will be a short and quick blog post.

Short and quick has to be about something that doesn’t take any figuring out. You have to have an idea about what you might say about something if you have to say it fast.

It doesn’t take much thought to know what to say about Jeff Buckley.

It doesn’t take work to figure out how good he was.

This is an interesting documentary…lots of footage of performances and insights about his life and career that I hadn’t heard before.

I guess that he released just one studio album before he drowned swimming in a channel of the Mississippi….floating on his back and singing a Led Zeppelin song. When his friend on shore looked back to see where he was…he was gone.

What’s good is good is good is good. This guy was so good. His father was pretty darn good, too…but that’s not what this frantic post projectile post is about.

That one album that he released…before all the live and unreleased material came pouring out after his death…is one that is going to be around for a while.

It’s a great album.

I’m tired…better go.

Here’s a song from the “Grace” album…..

“Lover, You Should Have Come Over” Jeff Buckley

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