the man who quit money

When I was going to school at Georgia State University, there was an older fellow who used to “preach” or maybe “pontificate” out in a central area of Atlanta…kind of a courtyard area close to the college… where people would eat their lunches.

He was homeless…dressed in the costume of the homeless…but he could go on and on about any subject he chose to land on…and he had a following.

People sat and listened to this fellow spin big convoluted loops of conversation…entertaining ellipses that occasionally landed on something comprehensible.

It was crazy intellect at work….it was amazing at times.

I was so up on this guy, Daniel Suelo, until I watched the videos and started thinking about what was really going on.

And I just now figured it out….


“Block Dog” David Wilcox

Now, living in a cave…spending all your time on “me time” sounds pretty great sometimes.

I like having my family around me all the time, though. That’s how I roll. They roll with me. We are a unit.

I don’t want to live in a cave…no matter how big a “HEY…I COULD…” the thought elicited when I first heard about Daniel Suelo.

He had a book written about him by an author named Mark Sundeen called “The Man Who Quit Money”.


I don’t suppose that he ever thought that he was going to do any of this on his own.

He’s pretty upfront about the help he gets from friends…the food he forages or scavenges…housing that he can take advantage of.

He’s not an island…but he never claimed to be.

We live in a land of “crazy plenty”…so to be able to make it in the world without any income is possible.

I think it’s just that most of us go the easier route and get some kind of a job…and start generating some kind of income.

We get an income going….and then we get some possessions…and then the possessions need some propping up with more possessions…and before long, we need to buy some insurance because it would be a tragedy that would put us back at the beginning if something happened to all the possessions that we’d managed to pile up.

I don’t know what we’d do if someone stepped on the anthill we’d managed to push together.

Daniel Suelo was depressed in Boulder…so he moved to Moab and gave up the system.

I don’t know if it’s jealousy or something else that makes me want to exhale a sarcastic “wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”.

It’s probably jealousy.

I know what can be done in this society. If we live in a situation like Moab…with a population and the natural world close by…if we have community that supports us with food and housing…good possibilities of getting clothing and entertainment…if we have that around us every day…well, it would be pretty possible to live without money.

It’s kind of like being a perpetual teenager.

My father used to always pick up the tab when we went out to eat.

Maybe that’s what’s going on? I don’t need money if someone else can pick up the tab….

I haven’t read this book yet…but I’m going to in the coming weeks.

Daniel Suelo is an interesting fellow…and I appreciate the effort to live in a different way.

I just wonder how those efforts would fare without all his resources to pull from….

Check this last video out…is he saying that we all depend on the “producers”…but then complaining about the people profiting from something that they didn’t actually produce? Bless the “producers”…you’d be dead by now if someone else hadn’t made an effort to make the things that support you, Daniel Suelo. What would they call you? The ultimate end-user? What do you contribute except your personal philosophy?

Money is a ghost. It comes and goes…and in the end doesn’t matter all that much. It’s just a bunch of numbers that we run our lives by sometimes.

I sure like having some if the kids need something, though.



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