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We watched “Frozen” for the first real time last night.

I say “real time” because we sat around the computer monitor with some popcorn and watched a Chinese “cam” version that we streamed over the internet one evening …but it wasn’t the same as watching a real DVD on a real TV.

What a great movie.

And “Let it Go” is a great song….sung by a great singer.

Mangina Lenzell is excellent …and I can see why there was such an uproar when John Travolta mispronounced her name.

Talent like that deserves the proper and correct recognition.

Yesterday, in my blog….MY BLOG!…I questioned why, when all these parents all over the world have the same motivations and are doing the same things to take care of their children…why we don’t get along better.

You would think that we all have some strong common ground to stand on.

So….why don’t we all get along better? You’d think there’d be sideways glances of recognition…little smiles all over the world acknowledging “Oh…you, too?” when we see each other…questions like, “How’s it going with little Shakira or Mussrat..or Shanti or Yuki or Olaf or even….Sparrow? Are you guys doing OK?”

Then my mind wandered to the potential utopia of a political system that was set up in a way that only allowed people to serve who had young children in their households.

These people would be allowed to enter office when the child was a baby…and their term was limited to a certain period when the child was very young…and ended when the child exited that target age.

Parents with young children have to prioritize…they have to pick the activity that has a reasonable chance of benefiting their family the most…and sticking with that activity to the best of their abilities.

They don’t have time to drop a bomb…they’re too busy changing a diaper.

They don’t want to steal resources…they just want to fix the roads so that they don’t screw up the minivan.

They don’t want to go to war…they just want to find a really good macaroni and cheese recipe…or hummus or sashimi or….

People with babies are too busy to fight outside of their own families. They’ve got bigger fish to fry than wasting a lot of time with all this “political stuff”.

Cabinet meetings would be more efficient…lots of “Just FIX it!!! This baby just threw up all over me and I’ve got to go change!! Just find it and fix it and we should be OK…”

I guess that if everybody could operate on that common denominator…if all over the world the men and women were taking care of the babies…and running the world at the same time…well, I guess that we’d have some different priorities and might handle some of our issues in a different way.

“Good parent” is kind of nebulous…it probably changes definition from culture to culture…but the basics are probably the same…keep the baby healthy….keep him/her warm and fed and encouraged and educated…give them a life that lets him/her know that they’re loved…and grow a good person.

But “good” is always relative. I’m sure we can, as a global culture, figure out a way to complicate things.

It can’t be that simple.

So…I’ve got to wrap this up…simplify, simplify, simplify. No one serving in government who isn’t also a “hands on” parent…terms limited to the young life of the child…no “grandfathering” for the “grandfather politicians” (the old fat cats who stick around forever).

Nothing complicated about that.

Now the trick is finding somebody with a baby who has the time to listen to an idea like that…even listen to it, not enter the political arena.

Dangit…I just wasted six hundred and forty words talking about an idea that won’t even get off the ground.


You can’t fly a plane while you’re changing a diaper.

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