brown-colored glasses


Man…I’ve heard this expression…”rose-colored glasses”….like looking through rose-colored glasses is being optimistic about things…a positive worldview. I guess that it’s a good thing.

That would be a good thing.

My glasses turn brown in the sunshine.

What does having “brown-colored glasses” say about my outlook?

Can you make a comment about my perception of the world based on what my glasses do when it’s bright outside?

I’ve been buying my prescription glasses over the internet for a while now. I guess that it’s working out. I can still see pretty well…and I’M SAVING SO MUCH MONEY!!

The last time I ordered glasses, I got the ones that turn themselves into sunglasses when I need them…what’s that called? Photochromic? Variable? I don’t remember….

Yesterday, I did the brake work on the Jeep.

It seems like the more I tear into something like that, the more I discover that needs to be replaced. I started out hoping that I could just throw some new pads on there…and then it was pads and a rotor….then it was pads, and a rotor….and a brake caliper…then when I did the other side it was pads and…surprise…another brake caliper.

I drive around on some crazy hills…do some big controlled “sliding” down these mountains, loaded with mail and a peanut butter sandwich and a banana…gravity is my friend down these steep grades…but one of the things I always appreciate is being able to stop when I need to.

It is a comfort to at least be in control of my vehicle.

I love my brakes when I have to pay attention to them. I feel great affection for stopping when it’s prudent to just cease moving.

Anyway….I’m out in the gravel when I have to work on a vehicle. We don’t have a garage…so I just jack it up in the driveway and go at it.

I think it kind of freaked Jenny out when I came inside the house midway through the repair job with my “transition” lenses (is that the word?) all “browned out”.

She’s not like a skittish cat or anything….”freaked out” is the wrong phrase.

I think that she thought…and I’m putting thoughts in her head based on my own brown lensed perception of the world…that I looked like a skeezy pimp with my little sunglasses on…that I looked like a scary, skeezy pimp of a husband with my browned out worldview.

Of course, I’m probably wrong…it could just be the “brown” talking here.

She was probably thinking something like, “Gosh..I love that hardworking, brown-lensed man.”

If I take my glasses off, that’s the conclusion I’d probably arrive at.

I think she thought I looked goofy. (That’s a rare occurrence…it will take some getting used to to realize that Jenny thinks I’m goofy sometimes…)

I don’t know…sunglasses or not, it was hard not to appreciate that it wasn’t raining yesterday, that I could get all the parts I needed to fix the car….that the wind died down a little and didn’t blow all my empty boxes down the road…that I had enough brake fluid to keep the master cylinder reservoir full as I bled the new calipers…that no bolts broke or got cross threaded when I took the brakes apart and then put it all back together…that nothing leaked when I tested it out…

There was actually a lot to be thankful for…kneeling in that hard gravel, dirty with brake fluid and grease.

I guess it doesn’t really matter what color the glasses are…it’s who’s looking through them that makes the difference.

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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.

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