getting what you pay for….



It’s way too early to be up but I’ve already got my Uno de Mayo celebration kicked off and I’m raring to go….blurry eyed and running hard in high gear.

I couldn’t sleep…thinking about buying that land.

“Buying that land”.


Paying for.

Paying….paying, paying, paying.


And you know what hit me?

It hit me this morning that getting was the easiest part of this whole deal….and I’m not even to the point where I’m ready to “get” anything yet.

That’s a scary thing…to realize that the real work starts after you make the deal go down.

The real work starts when you walk around in something that is the biggest debt you’ve ever taken on…and you look around and realize that you’ve got to figure out what that mess of wires really means…and you have to ponder how you’re going to unjumble the mess that someone else took years to orchestrate.

And that’s just the electric.

Then you can start figuring out where the “water” goes when you flush the toilet.

Of course, that’s after you figure out how to get water into the pipes in the first place.

What’s that old saying?

“Be careful what you pay for…you just might get it”?

It’s kind of exciting…in a really scary sort of way.

Someone at work said that I was getting kind of old for projects like that.

They said that I was kind of old to be having babies, too, though.

Well….I’ll prove them WRONG if I can stay awake long enough.

I’ll show them if it’s the last thing I do.

I can’t believe that I’m even close to my “twilight years”.

I won’t believe that.

This land will be my “Picture of Dorian Gray”….looking worse and worse…overgrown and collecting even more trash, buildings falling in on themselves…while I keep getting younger and younger.

Nahhhh….I’ll fix things, clean it all up, get it looking good…..and just keep getting older and wiser.

I like the part about “wiser”…I can only imagine how good that will feel when the “wiser” part finally kicks in.

I talked to a bunch of folks on the mail route yesterday…and they gave me some tips on “creative financing”.

When you’re trying to buy a place that’s kind of a non-traditional situation, you need all the tips you can get.

When I’m trying my best to throw us into the briar patch, I need all the tips that people are willing to give.

Even I’m free with the tips when it’s not my money that’s being spent.

Advice is cheap.

Some folks do Sudoku to ward off Alzheimers…maybe getting thrown into a big wood puzzle of a house and having someone say, “OK…dig yourself out of this…let’s see what you’ve got…show me what you can do” might be my version of a sedate puzzle (no one has enough interest to say that, of course…it’s just an approximation of the weird voices in my head).

And…check this out…all this initial house stuff is just the “minimal” work we need to do before we can apply for a traditional mortgage….and then get set up so that we could build an appropriately sized house for a family of six…or five…or four…depending on how long all this takes and how independent our children are.

Why can’t I sleep anymore?

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